Webinar "Prospects, development trends and indicators of the real estate market in Cyprus"

On April 23, our partners Kalinka Group by CEO Ekaterina Rumyantseva held a webinar "Prospects, development trends and indicators of the real estate market in Cyprus"

Participants: CEO and founder of First Class Homes Kyriakos Michael and commercial director of First Class Homes Maxim Shamshurin, Photos Tzangarides lawyer and Managing Director of PHC Tsangarides LLC and assistant and legal consultant of the same company, Maria Pavlenko, as well as Russian developer in Cyprus Mikhail Tikhomirov.

Today, Cyprus is among the safest countries in the world amidst the global pandemic with a small number of cases Covid 19. On May 1, Cyprus will start four-stage coronavirus exit strategy and restart economy.

The most exciting questions of the listeners:

✔ How coronavirus pandemic will impact the economy and what industries will be among the hardest hit

 Online real estate operation and transactions

How much the COVID-19 pandemic will affect on home prices

✔ Investor preferences. How the Programs will respond. Fast-track processing of citizenship by investment applications.

✔ Latest news and the digital revolution in Cyprus

What drivers and trends will decisively impact the future of real estate

We answered extensively on current issues, what is happening in Cyprus, how fast Cyprus will recover from the crisis and the real aspects for this, what is happening in our business, interesting offers in the real estate market today and much more.


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